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But there wasn't much to like in this. I was kind of interested to have an entire book devoted to Daniel.

Homer: The Odyssey

He dresses flamboyantly, or in drag, or just weirdly, and I loved it. But the parts of his character I didn't like involved Sybil.

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Amoral, sociopathic, sanctimonious, entitled, bitchy, hypocritical, d "Look how dead I can get and still be standing. Amoral, sociopathic, sanctimonious, entitled, bitchy, hypocritical, disgusting in both her behavior and her person. She was a huge part of this book and every page with her on it was the worst.

And how Daniel was with her, just a freaking doormat, was so annoying. I just didn't get his attraction for her. There was a lot of art stuff, which should have interested me more than it did, but most of the art was shock-value performance stuff. Not my favorite. Especially Sybil's idiotic ideas about it all. I didn't want to hear her stupid, pretentious pontifications on the kind of art she wanted to do, especially with all her awful qualities swirling around on the page.

I will admit, I didn't see the ending coming until I was only one or two pages away from it. I hope the climactic event is somehow circumvented in the fourth book from what I can tell, book three happens in the past. I wanted Daniel to kill her like he said he might. God damn it. I can't imagine the havoc she would wreak on the world now, having already gleefully killed a few people, after she hacked Daniel up with a machete in the name of art. Bitch needs to get her comeuppance, I swear.

Book three centers on Ricari, and Daniel is in it too. Good fucking riddance to Sybil, who is the devil. View all 10 comments.

The Faerie Queene Book 2, Canto 1 Summary

Jun 17, Crystal rated it really liked it Shelves: vamps-weres-et-al. This was one of the most intense books I've read in a very long time. The switch in mood from erotic to horror to tender to god, I can't even think of the words. It really messes you up. It was fantastic. A really true horror novel for a Vampire genre that has slipped into the divine and lofty. It was like watching a train wreck, you just can't look away but you know you should.

And then proceed to count the bodies after. I was really quite surprised at the ending. Daniel is -for Wow. Daniel is -for as odd and macabre as it sounds- quite a likeable character. I honestly held out hope for him until the very last page. I wanted him to come out on top even though he was a sick bastard. I couldn't put down the first novel and am already knee-deep into the third. Jul 08, Robert Beveridge rated it liked it Shelves: goal-list , finished , owned-and-still-own. Jemiah Jefferson, Wounds Leisure Books, I was recommended Jefferson a number of years ago by no less a horror authority than Poppy Brite, though she did add the codicil that she'd heard Jefferson was one of the big new things in horror, rather than having firsthand experience.

When I went looking, I found that her books were out of print, which seemed odd given that they'd been published so recently. Took me a while to hunt one down, and when I did, I discovered it was actually a sequel. I Jemiah Jefferson, Wounds Leisure Books, I was recommended Jefferson a number of years ago by no less a horror authority than Poppy Brite, though she did add the codicil that she'd heard Jefferson was one of the big new things in horror, rather than having firsthand experience.

I briefly considered the idea of waiting till I'd got my hands on the first. Then I realized I'd been trying to get one for four years and jettisoned that idea, digging in.

It turned out to be Wounds focuses on Daniel Blum, a supporting character in Voice of the Blood , and his relationship with Sibyl, a regular human who is seemingly immune to Daniel's vampire powers. The novel traces their relationship, the power struggles therein, the ways Daniel's friends react to Sibyl, etc. There are a couple of extended scenes thrown in that seem to be there for the sole purpose of appeasing Voice of the Blood fans I'm inferring from some of the language that the characters in these scenes were central characters in that book, while Daniel was more minor. One of the other reviews I scanned recently compared the book to eighties fiction, and when I read that, a lot of things about the novel that left me feeling restless clicked into place; this is very much an eighties novel along the lines of Tama Janowitz, Bret Easton Ellis, etc.

I don't know why I didn't see that before. Now that I consider it from that angle, there are a whole host of parallels I want to draw to books like Glenn Savan's White Palace and Jay McInerney's Ransom , but Jefferson, at least in this book, is not the writer they are. A few other reviews mentioned that Voice of the Blood is a much better-written book than this, so maybe she is and I just can't see it from Wounds.

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That said, I'm actually tempted to up my review half a star now that someone's made that connection for me, because as an eighties-fiction novel, it makes so much more sense than it does as a horror novel which it ain't. It wants to tread that line between horror and existential angst that Koja treads so well in Skin , and now that I think about it that's another parallel I should have caught before and now my head is flying off into comparisons between Koja and eighties fiction, which never came to me before—and I've been a diehard Koja fan for two decades , but the ending art installation in Skin just works so much better than it does here.

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  • Not to say the ending art installation in Wounds is bad, it's actually the best part of the book. But I'm not sure it justifies the price of admission. Worth picking up if you were a fan of midlist eighties fiction. Otherwise, you can probably skip it. Jan 22, Anino rated it it was ok Shelves: sadists , narcisstic-bastards , urban-fantasy-with-bite , vampires. IMO, this series began to lose steam with this installment. Because, whenever I start to skip pages, that's a huge indiction that a series is no longer my cuppa.

    Giving this one: 2. Mar 22, Mel rated it really liked it. Really interesting book not like the typical vampire book I guess that's what got me interested in the first place. So far my favorite vamipre book. Feb 05, Shelly rated it liked it.

    The Mystery of the Five Wounds

    Nov 09, Christie rated it liked it Shelves: horror-suspense , personal-classics. Older age, diabetes and obesity can also interfere with wound healing, as can smoking, infection or poor diet. This wound is the fifth she has had; each has lasted for many months and needed regular medical care. The effects are practical and psychological, not just physical. Brimble is lucky that she receives excellent care when she needs it at the wounds clinic at St Woolos community hospital in Newport in Wales.