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Stacey Bess. If you can watch the entire film it will be time well spent. Faced with few supplies, no textbooks, and a dilapidated infrastructure, this young teacher championed the rights of her students, provided the education they needed, and made a big difference in their lives. Gruwell, played by Hilary Swank, got through to her students using their life experience as a vehicle to connect with them.

This leads to her students writing daily in their new journals. In the same scene, Ms.

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Gruwell uses another effective tool—empowering your students. Johnson connects with her class. Teaching is a demanding job full of challenges and great rewards. These three films provide examples of teachers who in spite of the challenges that they faced found a way to connect with their students. Their determination, caring, and unwavering belief in their students proved that teachers can make a big difference—even under the most trying of circumstances and even with many of our most difficult kids. Gomes taught for more than three decades in Ontario, Canada.

To learn more about Gomes and "Ready, Set, Teach! Leave this field blank. Search Search. Newsletter Sign Up. Search form Search. Scroll down or click for work sheet text and answer key. Click for our archive of Every-Day Edit activities from previous weeks. Over the summer, the players practis and train. The season ends with playoffs and the championship game.

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Do you have a favorit football team you will watch this year. In April, the league holds a draft where teams pick players. Over the summer, the players practice and train.

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Starting in September, each team spends the next 17 weeks playing games. Do you have a favorite football team you will watch this year? Materials: Printable Student Worksheet Starter: Say: Why do you think that drawing inferences is something that you need to do? Allow the students to answer.

Main: Say: We all draw inferences when we are reading. It is important to be able to draw inferences because many times you need to be able to draw a conclusion based on information that has not been stated. Drawing an inference is also called reading between the lines and you do it when you are reading and when you are having a conversation with someone. In science texts, you are often given many details and a lot of information.

Without a seating chart, chaos could ensue. Additionally, children both like and need structure. A proper seating chart benefits both you and your students. To view all of Ben Stiefels excellent products, click here!


Teachers have a tall order preparing for the new year. They often spend weeks setting up their classroom so that when the kiddos arrive, they will have an inviting organized space for learning.

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My teacher friends have been posting pictures of their classrooms on FaceBook to show how ready they are. I love seeing the creative bulletin boards and desk combinations, but I just want to say one thing. These tips are great for establishing routines that will not only engage learners, but also diffuse some of those negative behaviors we see when kids are anxious. Some children struggle with transitioning from one activity to another. They either cannot leave the last activity hyper-focus or they cannot attend to a new activity lack of focus.

Music can really be a boost for these children and help them close out one activity and move to another. There has been a lot of research on mindfulness in the education of late. Mindfulness allows for children to be in tune with their body and their feelings and how one can, in turn, become empathetic and mindful of others. Planning for a few minutes of centering each day with songs that sooth, encourage or teach self awareness can create an environment for social-emotional learning.

My first thought was what if we took these hashtags seriously. What if we committed to building our current friends, reconnecting with old friends, and lastly, meeting new friends! I pulled out my phone and sent a quick text. How easy that was! Melanie is a dear friend. We go back over 30 years when our husbands played in a band together. Melanie managed the band, and I would occasionally sing back up vocals. Come to think of it, so many of our dearest friends are connections we have made through music! Just this week, Dave and I played and sang for a funeral with our dear friends Tim and Julie who moved across the country this year.

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While we were sad for our friend, Sal, who lost his step-dad, we were elated to see one another and to play and sing together. We joined as business sponsors about 5 years ago when we took on Songs for Teaching. Music is the perfect connector! It has the ability to draw out our feelings and to break down barriers or inhibitions. So send a text to one of your best friends. Better yet, invite them over and get out the guitar and sing some songs or spin some records together!

This article by Carol Stern is reposted with permission from Educational Activities. Please see our song suggestions below! Explain the differences among the animal phyla. This will be used to aid in their understanding of this lesson where the theory itself is discussed. D See Lessons ; Through billions of years of evolution, life forms have continued to diversify in a branching pattern, from single-celled ancestors to the diversity of life on Earth today.

Each lesson is written by an experienced teacher. Museum Lesson Plans and Exhibition Guides. Pamela Meyer worksheet 1. The Motivation introduces a species of bird that became over millions of years numerous species, through adaptation. Lesson plans on human evolution from the Smithsonian. Daily Lesson Plans — Evolution — 17 class days E. The Cuneiform Writing System in Ancient Mesopotamia: Emergence and Evolution is a grade lesson that would fit a social studies unit in ancient Mesopotamia and Sumerian and Babylonian history and culture.

In this lesson students will assess evolutionary links and evidence from comparative analysis of the fossil record and modern day organisms.

Begin the lesson by throwing a paper airplane around. Name that Pollinator focuses on adaptations for successful pollination. Includes printable teaching lesson worksheet. For many of the students, this was their first attempt to create a lesson plan.

Half-life, a way of determining the age of substances, is the time it takes for half the atoms in a radioactive sample to decay. The website used in this lesson will allow them to pair different vertebrate animals and learn more about their common traits. These literature circle questions will guide class discussions about Katherine Paterson's Newbery Medal winning novel.

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Each of our evolving course plans and worksheet series can be followed systematically or you can select lessons to use as supplementary material. Introduction The teaching of evolution is certainly one of the most difficult aspects of any life science course. That's not the case here as ALL of our units come with a full lesson plan for every class period. Lesson Plan Topics. Evolution, unity, and diversity are all covered in this lesson plan as instructors look for ways to present this material to students.

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Thurston High School, Biology is an eleventh grade course. If you would prefer to search a list of our entire lesson plan collection, it is alphabetized here, as well as organized by NBEA standards. Lesson plans for the Living Environment. Open the Navigation Management window, which can be used to view the full current branch of the menu tree, and edit it. Our Fossils lesson plan prepares students to define fossil, compare and contrast types of fossils, and explain fossil formation.

Lesson Plans Available are descriptions of lesson plans created by schools, educators, museums, state and federal parks, and other educational organizations. Easily demonstrate the dynamic processes of the discovery of oil and how it shapes our world with free lesson plans. To improve your own content knowledge, explore Evolution and our resource library.