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If you're a professional flipper, go for it, he said. You'll get less, but the net will be the same.

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Homes are the most expensive, most emotionally impactful, rarest sale and purchase in our lives, Hendon said. They hire their friend, they go to Yelp or Zillow and see stars, they use a discount broker or see a guy's signs all over the neighborhood. It takes nothing to ask that. While in a very hot market there could be value in a FSBO, or for sale by owner, the math on this rarely pans out, Hendon said. Which is still a lot of money. Is it worth it? We'll take that as a you do the math. When my husband and I sold our last house and bought our current one, some of the biggest value to us was our realtor's role as counselor in guiding us through the process and keeping our best interests first in negotiations with our buyer and seller and their respective agents.

It felt like a house of cards most days that would fall apart at any moment, but he made it happen and that was more than worth the commission.

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We also listed and sold our house for more than we'd have ever tried ourselves. Hendon wasn't surprised to hear this. The same sign from Home Depot that says 'yard sale' but it says 'home for sale. Want more tips like these? Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram.

Follow better. In plainer terms, the genealogies of gaslighting are the historical-sociological formations of overlapping systems of domination that assert a particular set of identities as normal, and then subsequently make those identities into material realities. White supremacy is a part of these genealogies of gaslighting, and white ignorance is one means by which supremacism sustains itself.

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White supremacy attempts to acculturate not only white people but people of all ethno-racial backgrounds into believing and upholding the social, political, and economic structures that comprise it. It seeks to maintain its own infallibility. Supremacism-contradicting knowledge is, through manipulation, rendered less credible.

Dominant knowledge—the facts and truths asserted and defended by systems of power—is a social construction as opposed to unarguable fact that dismisses, redefines, co-opts or altogether erases contradictory knowledges. It is within this context of knowledge and ignorance production that, for example, whitewashing and cultural appropriation exist.

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Because whiteness demands control over defining non-whiteness, cultural productions circulate at the expense of the peoples to whom they belong. Dolezal has, for the most part, been handled carefully by cis white America, treated more like an amusing oddity than the embodiment of harm.

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And it is important to note that Dolezal altogether waived her Blackness when she chose to sue Howard University in for discriminating against her because she was white. This is not unlike the actions of Abigail Fisher, who, in the ultimate fragile expression of white entitlement, sued the University of Texas for reverse discrimination, thereby potentially jeopardizing affirmative action when she simply failed to meet the academic requirements for admission.

Dolezal would be bad enough if everyone simply ignored her. Though earnest interrogations of these boundaries have been made by Black trans scholars like Kai M. Green, outright defenses of transracial claims that fail to draw upon Black or trans scholarship at length, like that of Tuvel, are disingenuous. Gender non-conformity becomes part of a series of hypothetical constructions as opposed to a diversity of narratives and material identities that exist without question, and when the transgender-transracial analogy is employed, these experiences become ripe for the callous co-opting and exploiting.

Dolezalean-style gaslighting rests upon three layers of white supremacist logic. First is the presumption of the perpetual victimization of white womanhood; in positioning her desires to be Black and beautiful in proximity to the parental abuses she says she has experienced, she accesses a sympathetic victim role one that potentially explains her behavior emerging from a place of childhood trauma that is the sole domain of white women. I don't understand Do you understand?

Nobody understands. How What When.

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