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Who is my neighbor? The Samaritan Project takes the familiar parable of an injured traveler and invites you to engage the story in a way that will change how you view themselves and the people in their world.

Learn the importance of story, discover the revealing nature of questions and explore the distance we have created between ourselves and those God has called us to love. Fringer and Lane incite you to action as they wrestle with what it means to see, love and be a neighbor.

Samaritan Project of Zephyrhills, Inc.

Whether one reads this alone or in community, the questions and experiential projects throughout each chapter will provide practical ways to serve. Through The Samaritan Project, you will re-imagine what it looks like to embody the compassion of a neighbor. Select Parent Grandparent Teacher Kid at heart.

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    Your review has been submitted and will appear here shortly. After a while, a Samaritan comes along and notices this individual. They help the person onto their animal and take them to an Inn; where the Samaritan delivers the beaten up person to the Inn-keeper, providing a small sack of coins to help with the care of the stranger.

    In this story, our donors have shown themselves as being the Good Samaritan over and over again. We are privileged that so many people see Souls Harbour Rescue Mission as being that Innkeeper, one in whom they trust with the care of others. We are honored to serve those whom God brings to us and we are thankful that there are many Good Samaritans out there who help us do this work through their volunteer time and their financial donations. Today, we need to build a new Inn and so we are asking all of you Good Samaritans to help us with this project.

    We have developed a sustainable model that embraces and invites stewardship at every level.

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    The property was an environmental disaster, contaminated with lead, sulphuric acid, and so on! After a great deal of effort including moving a lot of dirt! Our environmental stewardship will continue through the use of existing partnerships, such as with Loraas Disposal, to continue to put into place a variety of premium recycling programs.

    We believe this story of redemption, from the reclaiming of the land, to an environmentally friendly building, to the sustainability of the very operation of the building through various energy initiatives reducing our carbon footprint , will appeal to many stakeholders, as such a project has not been done by any other Inner-city Mission in North America.

    The building design itself will be innovative with respect to space usage. And … after the men have eaten, they can help with the clean-up by putting away the tables and chairs, and bringing out the cots for the night; creating a sense of community and connection. As we all know, homelessness and affordable housing is still a provincial problem.