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He follows with a few chapters on the dangers of extreme "discipline" which can lead a person to Christian asceticism. He also makes a point to spell out for his readers that discipline and holiness are not the same thing and also that discipline is not a means to holiness in and of itself. Holiness is itself the basis for discipline. The very last section of this part of the book is dedicated to the discussion of imposed discipline mainly in the life of a child.

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He disputes the popular idea that discipline injures the personality of a child. Excerpt from page "There is already a twist toward self-centeredness and lawlessness which will not right itself under the benign rays of Christian environment, but will feed on kindness, turn liberty into license, and grow alarmingly with the years, if not rigorously curbed by firm rule from the cradle onwards.

Such curbing, while not able to extirpate the twist, will at least bring it clearly to light; it will also make adjustments to the restraints of an adult society much easier , to say nothing of the greater ease in submitting to the rule of God, at first partially, and then with that full submission which enables God to correct the nature at its base. Jan 14, Havebooks Willread rated it really liked it Shelves: christian-living , self-improvment.

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Well, this book stepped all over my toes! Taylor holds nothing back in this short little book exhorting the christian to live a disciplined life in every area, from controlling moods and emotions, to speech and gluttony, and even avoiding procrastination and honoring time commitments.

A Disciplined Life by Zac Poonen

I thought it was interesting that he also examined some perils of self-discipline, such as pride or going to extremes, or even confusing discipline with holiness. I'm still mulling over the following quote, particularly as it applies to those who tend to have perfectionist tendencies anyway. God's work demands trained minds. You have no right to be mediocre if you are capable of something better" Aug 06, Tracy Groot rated it it was amazing.

My, what a potent little book and yes, it's dated--written to a s world--but the message isn't. I think what I liked best isn't Taylor's message on what discipline is, but what it isn't: "We have mistakenly labored under the delusion that holiness is the fruition of discipline. Too many other people and legitimate demands are apt to get trampled on by that kind of obstinacy. Such self-discipline is too akin to bull-headedness and self-will. It may be a symptom of basic selfishness.


I'd read this little gem 20 years ago, and still find the message fresh and needed. Helping people should be the supreme objective of all our self-discipline. Basically, it's a book about getting our crap together and not squashing others to do it. It's a challenge, really, a call to see what we can do to up the ante to our personal best. Dated, yes. Still applicable, certainly. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to extrapolate. Jan 31, Ed Washington rated it did not like it.

Can't write a book about the mark of Christian Maturity and use scriptures incorrectly. He talks about breaking your fast to appease family. And that it is okay for married couples to not have sex, instead they must find new ways to deepen their relationship to not give in to their impulse of cheating. And that the wife's body is not her own in marriage. And for the husband to love his wife as Christ loved the church, which is to di Can't write a book about the mark of Christian Maturity and use scriptures incorrectly.

And for the husband to love his wife as Christ loved the church, which is to die for her, let alone have sex with her. The Bible says do not deprive each other. Again, the doctrine is off. I love this book! In fact, it is a "tradition" for me that I read it every year at the beginning of the year. It is the first book I read the first of each year. This is because it sets the tone for my year - to be focused, disciplined, growing, As best as I can recollect, this is the seventh year in a row that it has been my first book read of the year.

I know I have read it before then but can't recollect the year.

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Jun 18, Leah rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction. So I thought this was a good book.

Taylor really does a great job of discussing discipline and how to become a disciplined person. I recommend this book to anyone that wants to become a little more disciplined. Nov 23, Luke rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorite-books. This is an extremely good book. Contains very practical suggestions for becoming a more disciplined person. One of my favorite books right now. I checked it out from the library, but I definitely will buy it to add to my personal shelf.

I first encountered this fine little book in college in a class taught by Stephen Covey about 40 years ago.

The Disciplined Life by Richard S Taylor | Koorong

It was originally published in , but it's message is more needed than ever. The fruits of undisciplined living are the problems of our times. I recommend this book very highly. The illustrations are all woefully out-of-date, but the basic teachings are sound and somewhat helpful. Perhaps the cover shown here is from an updated edition; the one I read was published in I loved this book. Made me serious about life.

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I am on my 3rd reading of this book. Hopefully it will begin to sink in. Jan 09, Laura Simons-luke rated it it was amazing Shelves: spiritual-growth. Oh my!

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  7. A book every Christian, every parent, every person should read. This book was written in and is more relevant today than it was then. Dated but not totally without merit. He encourages participation in fine arts, good manners, excellence in all endeavors as a Christian responsibility. Doesn't like rock music, tho! Michael rated it it was ok Apr 29, Ibasanmi Temitope rated it liked it Feb 17, Jonathan Govan rated it it was amazing Jul 31, Amber rated it it was amazing May 05, Joseph rated it really liked it Aug 23, Jeannine rated it it was amazing May 20, Jeremy rated it liked it Dec 30, The more time you spend on it, the harder it becomes to quit.

    Once you have spent so much sweat, time and effort on it, if you quit, it will be for nothing. The bigger the goal, the more invested you become. Clearly define what your goal means to you and what you will specifically do to achieve it. If you set a goal to live healthier, for example, will you go running every day?

    At what time and for how long? Will you eat healthy?