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In most versions, they may not throw the flag but only hand it off while running. The game is won when a player returns to their own territory with the enemy flag or both teams' flags. Also, as a general rule, the flag carrier may not attempt to free any of their teammates from jail. Alterations may include "one flag" CTF in which there is a defensive team and an offensive team, or games with three or more flags. In the case of the latter, one can only win when all flags are captured, not only one.

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Another variation is when the players put bandannas in their pockets with about six inches sticking out. Instead of tagging your opponents, you must pull your opponent's bandanna out of their pocket.

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No matter where a player is when their bandanna is pulled, they're captured and must, depending on the preferences of the players, go to jail, or return to their base before returning to play. In this version there is no team territory, only a small base where the team's flag is kept.

To win, one team must have both of the flags in their base. In some urban settings, the game is played indoors in an enclosed area with walls, similar to the walls in a hockey rink. There is also a spot sticking out of the back of the opposing ends which is connected to the playing area for the flag to be placed in. In this urban variation, legal checking hockey style and legal checking against the boards is allowed.

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A player who commits a foul or illegal check is placed in a penalty box for a specified amount of time, depending on the severity of the foul. A player who deliberately injures an opponent is expelled from the rest of the game. Throwing the flag is allowed in this variation, as long as the flag is caught before it hits the ground. If the flag is thrown to a teammate but hits the ground before it can be caught, the flag is placed from the spot of the throw. If a player throws the flag, but is blocked or intercepted by a player from the opposing team, the flag is placed back at the base.

It is not uncommon for airsoft, paintball, Nerf and water warriors to play CTF. Typically there are no territories in these versions. Players who are "hit" must sit out a predetermined amount of time before returning to play respawning. In , Kickstarter users fully funded a campaign [3] by Starlux Games for Capture the Flag Redux , an update that would allow it to be played at night or in the dark.

In , Heavy. However, instead of a flag, a number of sticks or other items such as coats or hats are placed in a "goal" on the far end of each side of the playing field or area. As in capture the flag, players are sent to a "prison" if tagged on the opponents' side, and may be freed by teammates. Each player may only take one of their opponents' sticks at a time.

The first team to take all of the opponents' sticks to their own side wins. An edutainment game with recognizable capture-the-flag mechanics, Bannercatch allows up to two humans each alternating between two characters in the game world to play capture the flag against an increasingly difficult team of four AI bots. Bannercatch ' s game world is divided into quadrants: home, enemy, and two "no-mans land" areas which hold the jails.

A successful capture requires bringing the enemy flag into one team's "home" quadrant. Players can be captured when in an enemy territory, or in "no-mans land" while holding a flag.

Captured players must be "rescued" from their designated jail by one of the other members of the team. Fallen flags remain where they dropped until a time-out period elapses, after which the flag returns to one of several starting locations in home territory.

Day of the Tentacle

The 2D map also features walls, trees and a moving river, enabling a wide variety of strategies. Special locations in the play area allow humans to query the game state such as flag status using binary messages. The game required players to merely move one of their characters onto the same square as their opponent's flag, as opposed to bringing it back to friendly territory, because of difficulties implementing the artificial intelligence that the computer player would have needed to bring the enemy flag home and intercept opposing characters carrying the flag.

In computer security , Capture the Flag CTF , a type of wargame , is a computer security competition. CTF contests are usually designed to serve as an educational exercise to give participants experience in securing a machine, as well as conducting and reacting to the sort of attacks found in the real world i. Reverse-engineering, network sniffing, protocol analysis, system administration, programming, and cryptanalysis are all skills which have been required by prior CTF contests at DEF CON.

Teams are scored on both their success in defending their assigned machine and on their success in attacking the other team's machines.

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Depending on the nature of the particular CTF game, teams may either be attempting to take an opponent's flag from their machine or teams may be attempting to plant their own flag on their opponent's machine. Hardware challenges usually involve getting a unknown piece of hardware and having to figure out how to bypass part of the security, e. Teams attempt to earn the most points in the competition's time frame for example 24 hours , but do not directly attack each other.

Rather than a race, this style of game play encourages taking time to approach challenges and prioritizes quantity of correct submissions over the timing. Once your team has successfully taken over the machine, the focus shifts to defending the machine from other teams attacks. Score is usually determined by a score reporting service on the machine, that reports a team token. When one team is able to gain access, they will remove the other teams token, and insert their own, thus making them the King of the Hill.

Capture the Flag is among the games that have made a recent comeback among adults as part of the urban gaming trend which includes games like Pac-Manhattan , Fugitive and Manhunt.

Stickman War

The game is played on city streets and players use cellphones to communicate. News about the games spreads virally through the use of blogs and mailing lists. Urban Capture the Flag has been played in cities throughout North America. One long running example occurs on the Northrop Mall at the University of Minnesota on Fridays with typical attendance ranging from 50 to several hundred.

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See also: Wargame hacking. Retrieved Christian Camp Pro. Christopher Lloyd, as Drew Blanc, explores a saccharine land of kiddy cartoons that takes a hard right into BDSM cows, evil clowns popping bunny balloons in the eye, and Tim Curry being Just pity the translators. A surreal exploration game filled with quizzical vignettes, Samorost 3 is something to dive into without asking for too much explanation. Andy's review offers an illuminating picture:.

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It would tower over me if it weren't unconscious, but it is, and so I tweak one of its antennae, just to see what will happen. It quivers, like a guitar string. I twang another, and then another. Eventually, they start to resonate, deeply and musically. As the vibrations fade away, I put my magic horn to my lips and play back the tune. My brief concerto awakens the moth, and boy, it is lit. With patience and a notepad, I'm able to replicate their musical interchange as well, and that's when things get really weird: Lights flash, music plays, and what I can only describe as a carousel of patio lanterns begins to spin under the lip of a giant fungus.

I dance a triumphant jig; a blue-pink swirly thing is added to my inventory. I have accomplished I have no idea what.

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Decades later, some of the same people that helped start the adventure game genre put out a game that works as a streamlined homage to dated point-and-click design without sacrificing identity. They teach you how to think like a wacky cartoon character before letting you loose in the strange old town, where an industrious pillow factory once stood and the few remaining locals prattle on about government conspiracy and dangerous gossip.

Quote: "The city holds many memories for me, of music, of cafes, of love, and of death.