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It is one of the two forms of defamation. Slander is the other form, which is a defaming statement that is spoken, instead of written.

Defamation is the umbrella term for libel or slander. Laws vary from state to state, but in most cases, any individual, business, not-for-profit, small group, or corporation can sue for defamation.

Government bodies cannot sue, but individual politicians can. Authors are not often sued for libel, but it can and does happen. In a libel case, truth is a defense. However, there are other factors to consider.

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Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Some names and characteristics have been changed, some events have been compressed, and some dialogue has been recreated. Courts can rule these types of disclaimers null and void. To protect the privacy of individuals in your book and avoid a libel lawsuit, you have to put in the extra work and get creative. Some ideas are more creative, such as DNA sanitizer or these fanciful designs for clothing that exposes your body as you expose yourself online. They say that privacy is a bargain that we make.

But the Internet of Things can also be really, really creepy. The new system, called OpenPDS, protects your privacy while still letting apps access information they need to work.

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Your purchase history and whether you use a mobile or desktop browser all can factor in large fluctuations in how much you pay. Not just for hit men, these evidence-destroying sprays will protect you in a world where everyone wants to know your genetic code. For some people, the benefits of big data will not be worth the risks—which could include increased workplace, police, and consumer discrimination.

Floodwatch keeps track of every single ad you see online. The opening story was fascinating and I agree with other readers who related it to an episode one might see on a TV mystery show. In fact I could easily see this expanded even further into made for TV movie. Two things in particular I want to compliment the author on, and that is how he managed to craft such rich characters with so few words, and on presenting the reader with such an interesting mixture of story lines — nothing predictable here from beginning to end.

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August 30, I found this to be a perfect Friday read, well written and very enjoyable. I love the variety, and the size was just perfect. August 26, This collection of short stories intrigued me and actually has led me to search for more, since I spend most of my time reading novels.

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  • Liston does an excellent job of creating memorable characters in very few pages. Invasion of Privacy, the longest of the stories, was my favorite- although all of them have something woven into the story that keeps you turning the page- hence the 5 star review.

    Invasion of Privacy and Other Short Stories

    No spoilers ahead In the title story, Jim Gotweb owns a computer store and after a service call heads back to his shop where he works with his wife. On the way in he sees a man with a spider tattoo on his face exiting his store with a laptop under his arm. What I enjoyed most in this story were the characters who join Jim on his quest.

    Roger, a 16 year old computer whiz, is compelling, believable and fun. Melanie is the star of the show. From when you first meet her and learn her occupation and background story to the final scene, she leaves you wanting more.

    Phone Invasion (Beginner A2) - Learn American English through Short Stories

    When I finished the story, I thought that this would make a great tv show- they can continue working together as computer-whiz Robin Hood types. And if not a tv series, maybe Liston will write another episode featuring the three.

    Invasion of privacy of innocent people is justified to find a killer. |

    All together, Liston has the talent to get you hooked from the beginning creating compelling characters and vivid scenes. Gunnar Grey — Amazon Verified Purchase. A surprisingly good collection of stories for 99 cents. The title story is a decent-sized novella and an interesting angle on a modern if questionable method of detection, without delving into forensics nor taking the computereze technobabble to ridiculous lengths.

    The short stories that follow after this one are still so intense, quite amusing a few of them. But Ronnie and the smoke bomb was extremely upsetting, because quite often this one is based on reality. Even though I found the stories hard to read, I really did enjoy them and I would recommend.

    Thank you Jim for an awesome collection of short reads and will look forward to reading more of your stories. All of the stories really do keep you hanging on the edge of your seat, they are so cleverly written, you just want more. Great to connect!