Guide How To Increase Personal Power and Influence Others

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Listen before you try to persuade The best way to prime colleagues for backing you and your agenda is to make them feel heard. Start by giving them your undivided attention in one-on-one situations. Mind your body language and your tone People are constantly assessing whether to trust you or not, Morgan says. Is this person trying to undercut me, or are we on the same side?

The Key to Improving Your People Skills: Charm

Standing up straight with your shoulders back helps you come across as confident and commanding; slouching and looking down at your feet has the opposite effect. Give people what they want You can increase your influence on a particular issue by authentically framing it as a benefit to the people you want on your side.

Clark concurs. Case Study 1: Stay current and build relationships with your colleagues so that you understand what motivates them Marcy Shinder, chief marketing officer at Work Market, the New York City—based firm that helps businesses manage their freelancers and consultants, was working on establishing herself as an influential member of the team before she even started the job. What is important to them? What do they think is working at the company? And what do they want me to accomplish? Marcy made sure her body language conveyed that she was fully focused on these conversations.

She sat up straight, made eye contact, and looked open and engaged.

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Thanks to those early one-on-one conversations, she could customize her pitch to each individual. And with the chief customer officer, she focused on the customer side. Her efforts paid off. The new Work Market website will go live this spring. We become de-sensitized and numb to our own personal power , falsely believing that others have higher value and worth. Clarity - People with high levels of personal power are clear and focused on what is important.

7 Scientifically Proven Steps to Increase Your Influence

They know what they want to achieve and can describe it to others. They have clear goals and take deliberate action. Self-awareness — Most people struggle to allow their own voice to speak out. Finding your voice allows you to contribute, lead and make a difference.

You have to become a Student of YOU and go in search of it. There are untapped talents lying dormant inside all of us.

Three Ways To Increase Your Personal Power At Work

Tap into your strength s : What are you good at? What do you enjoy doing? What are you passionate about? Build on your strengths by looking for opportunities to use them in your daily work.

Power is Not a Bad Word

Energy and Enthusiasm - Energy and enthusiasm are linked. They feed off each other and are key components of personal power. Successful, positive people have an abundance of energy. Enthusiasm is infectious: What are you infecting the people around you with?? If I believe that you understand me I will be more open and honest with you. Listening and understanding is important because people buy off people they know, like and trust.

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  6. Genuinely show that you care. Tune in to the people you are serving — Get to know them. By being empathic you are demonstrating that you understand and respect their point of view Even if you disagree. You are giving them value, showing you care by being authentic.

    Self-belief - You are what you believe. Your thinking is YOUR reality. People with high levels of personal power believe in their vision and take deliberate action to make things happen. Learn how to reframe your limiting beliefs and change your thinking.

    Become the power point in your life. Believing in yourself makes you credible to others. Stop waiting for someone to give you permission to lead. Self-leadership begins from the inside out.


    Lead yourself and others will follow… Just be YOU! This can make a huge difference to your confidence and success. Thanks Patricia! My coach really helped me to take action and be deliberate when I was starting my journey — It totally changed my life! I now do this for others. Very good post and so right in self belief, I think confidence has a big role to play and would love to here more of your tips and coaching advise.

    Thanks so much Keith! Have a great weekend!