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Find out more here. Their entry - entitled Time for Change - was of a human hand holding the globe surrounded by power station chimneys, reminding people to take action to avoid global warming. Professor Daizhong Su, of the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment, who led the team, said: "The competition is of a very high standard, and the majority of the participants were professionals, so the creativity award is a great achievement for us.

This sculpture - entitled The Antithesis — was of a two-sided wall with taps on either side, one overflowing into a bucket and the other dried up, to depict how wealthy people can waste resources while others have to go without. Professor Su added: "Participating in the competitions are great opportunities to enhance our students' experience of working in international environments. We all worked very hard together and are proud of what we achieved.

His wife was unwilling to discard them and handled with thick soy sauce and oil. To their surprise, it actually tasted very good. Buddha Jumps over the Wall is the most famous dish in Fuzhou city, Fujian province.

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The ingredients are pork belly, rice powder and other seasonings. It is a classic Shandong dish. Blanch the intestine over boiling water and fry, and then add various ingredients and stir-fry over low heat until fragrant. Diners can find all five tastes in it — sour, sweet, fragrant, spicy and salty. It is a traditional local snack made of noodles, tender lamb, vegetables and other ingredients. This dish is well-known for both delicious flavor and affordable price. The so-called Three Steamed Dishes means steamed Livestock and poultry, steamed fish, and steamed vegetables the ingredients are free to select such as amaranth, taro, beans, squash, carrot and lotus root.

With both meat and vegetables, the dish boasts balanced nutrition. The dish has fragrant smell, authentic flavor, fresh and not greasy. It boasts bright color, tender fish meat and spicy taste.

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White Cut Chicken is characterized by simple-cooking, free of ingredients and keeping the original flavor. Rice Noodles with Snails is the most popular snack in Liuzhou city, with unique flavors of sour, spicy, fresh, cool and hot. Mapo Tofu is a tradition dish of Sichuan Cuisine, The main raw materials is tofu bean curd , It features hot, spicy, sweet, crisp and tender. The pepper is mixed with dry chicken pieces sprinkled with the sesame seeds. The dish will surely arouse your appetite.

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The chicken meat is crisp outside and tender inside with fragrance of sesame and spicy-hot flavor. Crossing Bridge Noodles is a must-try if you travel to Yunnan province. The dish is composed of three parts: the soup, rice noodles and various ingredients. The soup is specially made of large bones, old hen, Yunnan Xuanwei ham boiling for long time, creating a strong flavor.

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Since the Tang and Song dynasties, a lot of Muslims moved into the city and created this delicious food as we see today. The dish features thick soup and pure taste, with rotten meat and smooth Pita Bread pieces.

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